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The purpose of education is to ensure that all students gain access to knowledge, skills, and information that will prepare them to contribute to our communities and workplaces.  The central purpose becomes more challenging as schools accommodate students with increasingly diverse backgrounds and abilities.  As we strive to meet these challenges, the involvement and cooperation of educators, parents, and community leaders is vital for the creation of better and more inclusive schools.

What is inclusion?  
Inclusion is an educational approach and philosophy that provides all students with greater opportunities for academic and social achievement.  Inclusion is about making sure that each and every student feels welcome and that their unique needs and learning styles are attended to and valued.

Inclusion enhances learning for students, both with and without special needs.  Students learn, and use their learning differently; the goal is to provide all students with the instruction they need to succeed as learners and achieve high standards, alongside their friends and neighbours.

Here in John the Baptist C.S., inclusion is at the heart of our everyday practice, and reflected in the extensive programme of facilities/resources etc. that are in place to help those with diverse educational needs. These include:

  • Learning Support
  • Mixed Ability Grouping
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Willow
  • Special Educational Needs

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