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In July, 2011, the Minister for Education and Skills, Rúairí Quinn, launched the National Strategy to improve literacy and numeracy among children and young people, Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life 2011-2020. Minister Quinn asserted, “This is an issue of equality. Without the skills of literacy and numeracy, a young person or adult is often denied full participation in society. They may be condemned to poorly paid jobs or unemployment and a lifetime of poverty and exclusion. This is why I am convinced that ensuring all our young people acquire good literacy and numeracy skills is one of the greatest contributions that we can make towards achieving equality and social justice in our country.” A Framework for Junior Cycle launched in October 2012, also sets out a radical vision for the sort of educational experience that students should have in lower secondary education. The framework describes the learning at the core of junior cycle in terms of twenty-four statements. These statements describe what students should know, understand, value and be able to do at the end of junior cycle. Linking fully with the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, the framework highlights the importance of developing eight key skills, including literacy and numeracy, which are crucial for learners to access the curriculum and for their future life chances.

As part of the National Literacy and Numeracy strategy we at John the Baptist Community School acknowledge the importance of integrating literacy and numeracy into the curriculum in a self-evaluating school. The aim of our Literacy Programme is to promote the on-going development of a community of learners within the school and enhance the capacity of each teacher in leading learning and ultimately encouraging literacy proficiency. The aim of our Numeracy Programme is to promote the on-going development of a community within the school and enhance the capacity of individual teachers in leading learning and ultimately encouraging Numeracy.

JTBCS is committed to raising the standards of literacy and numeracy of its pupils in order that each pupil will master these crucial skills to the best of their ability. The focus of our schools Literacy and Numeracy policy is to sustain and build on the high levels of teaching and learning outlined the positive inspection reports we have received in recent years. School Self-Evaluation also provides a formal framework for the implementation and measurement of the development of literacy and numeracy skills in our school. Continual and consistent efforts to improve literacy and numeracy standards in our school will further enhance the opportunity for our pupils to participate fully in education and in life after school with a view to making a real, measurable and positive difference to their lives helping them achieve their full potential.

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