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John the Baptist C.S. has been involved in a programme of development through our involvement with the ‘Learning Schools Programme’ since 2012.  The programme aims to engage Post Primary schools in innovative projects in a wide variety of topics.  While Literacy and Numeracy was the initial focus at John the Baptist C.S., the project has also developed to include Assessment, with a specific focus on Assessment for Learning.

Thanks to our involvement with the project we have introduced a number of teaching and learning strategies across the three strands:

Literacy Numeracy Assessment
  • We have embedded key words
  • Love of reading
  • Spelling
  • Tier two words
  • punctuation.
  • We have embedded integers
  • Graphing
  • Fractions/decimals and percentage
  • time and timing.
  • We have embedded effective questioning using 5H & 1 H, Blooms Taxonomy and De Bono hats
  • We have focused on raising awareness of student and teacher reflection using a reflection arrow and a tweet board
  • Success Criteria

Focus for 2017/2018

The focus for Learning Schools Project 9 this year, 2017-2018, is on the development of students’ understanding of critical verbs. This focus builds on our participation in previous Learning School Projects and on previous strategies already embedded in the school; namely numeracy, literacy, effective questioning and reflection. Student focus groups conducted in 2017 and 2018, at both junior and senior cycle, highlighted the need to address the area of critical verbs. It was evident that some students did not understand many of the critical verbs used commonly across many subjects, limiting their ability to answer questions effectively and to assess each other’s work.  Informed by both student and teacher voice, ten critical verbs were selected to focus on. By addressing the meaning of these verbs, students will be better equipped to understand questions posed and they will be more confident in effectively assessing their own individual work and in giving effective feedback to their fellow students.

5ws1h5ws-1h reflection-number-line


The Learning Schools Project allows:

  • Schools to develop an increased awareness of what constitutes a learning school
  • Designed to support school-based activities/ initiatives promoting the on-going development of the school (both teaching and learning)
  • Enhance the capacity of individual teachers to contribute to the school
  • Nurture teacher leadership in schools.
  • Nurture a better learning environment and experience for students

Benefit to Students:

  • Become more aware of how they learn and methods to assess their own learning.
  • Can be given the opportunity to impact on teaching and learning in JTBCS
  • More interesting, fulfilled classes
  • A higher level of learning and understanding


For more information see The Learning Schools Project website.

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