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John the Baptist C.S. has been involved in a programme of development through our involvement with the ‘Learning Schools Programme’ since 2012.  The programme aims to engage Post Primary schools in innovative projects in a wide variety of topics.  While Literacy and Numeracy was the initial focus at John the Baptist C.S., the project has also developed to include Assessment, with a specific focus on Assessment for Learning.

Thanks to our involvement with the project we have introduced a number of teaching and learning strategies across the three strands:

Literacy Numeracy Assessment
  • We have embedded key words
  • Love of reading
  • Spelling
  • Tier two words

Focus for 2016/17
We are currently focusing on punctuation.

  • We have embedded integers
  • Graphing
  • Fractions/decimals and percentages

Focus for 2016/17
We are currently focussing on time and timing.

  • We have embedded effective questioning using 5H & 1 H, Blooms Taxonomy and De Bono hats
  • We have focused on raising awareness of student and teacher reflection using a reflection arrow and a tweet board

Focus for 2016/17
We are currently looking at Success Criteria



The Learning Schools Project allows:

  • Schools to develop an increased awareness of what constitutes a learning school
  • Designed to support school-based activities/ initiatives promoting the on-going development of the school (both teaching and learning)
  • Enhance the capacity of individual teachers to contribute to the school
  • Nurture teacher leadership in schools.
  • Nurture a better learning environment and experience for students

Benefit to Students:

  • Become more aware of how they learn and methods to assess their own learning.
  • Can be given the opportunity to impact on teaching and learning in JTBCS
  • More interesting, fulfilled classes
  • A higher level of learning and understanding


For more information see The Learning Schools Project website.

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