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“Deeper thinking brings deeper learning”

As part of the school self-evaluation plan in John the Baptist, the literacy team has been working tirelessly for the last 3 years on developing the literacy standards of our students. Both our first and second years have been timetabled one literacy class per week in which they focus on spelling, keywords, punctuation, grammar and they have even taken on the challenge of writing their own book. Certain strategies have been chosen by the literacy team and through constant collaboration with the staff these strategies have been implemented across the board. We have aimed to develop students spelling through keywords, develop a love of reading and we are currently working on developing students’ use of Tier Two vocabulary. Both students and staff are constantly exposed to new and more challenging vocabulary and teaching strategies and we hope that this will in turn improve the literacy standards of our students. Some of our focus areas over the past three years have included:

  • Key to Keywords and Spelling
  • Love of reading
  • Two tier words

In 2015-16 the focus is on:

  1. Continuing to embed the strategies from previous years; increasing the spelling skills of all students focusing on exam and curricular keywords and continuing the implementation of the spelling strategy ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ (LCWC) and focus on fostering a love of reading.
  2. Improving student’s literacy skills by working on Punctuation, Paragraphing and comprehension strategies such as word webs, deconstructing paragraphs, and writing short paragraphs.
  3. Focus on Comprehension strategies. The aim is to develop student’s ability to construct meaning by interacting with the text and in turn encourage the reading of wider range texts. emphasis will be placed on self-questioning (thinking about the questions before during and after reading the text), the development of skimming and scanning skills, synthesising and paraphrasing, identifying two tier words in each comprehension and adding them to keyword dictionary.
  4. Focus and increase student use of Two Tier words and the development of vocabulary.

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