3rd Year Parent Teacher Meeting Online Registration

This year we are holding all Parent Teacher meetings online due to the continued high incidence level of COVID-19 in our communities. The PT meeting for 3rd Years will take place on Tuesday 11th of January 2022 between 15.50 and 17.50 pm sharp.

Meetings will be facilitated through MS Teams using students’ office 365 accounts. The following is a brief overview of how the process will work.

In advance of the Meeting

  • Ensure that you have Microsoft Teams downloaded as an app on your desktop. We would recommend that you use a tablet or PC to attend the meeting. Smartphones are not recommended. Download Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps | Microsoft Teams
  • Use our Parent Teacher Meeting Registration portal (see link here; PTMO Parent/Guardian Login (ptmorg.com) in order to book your individual meetings by subject with your child’s teachers. Use the school roll number 91502N and your child’s VsWare ID to log in. To find your VsWare ID please see the following document; Parent-Guardian Instructions to Find VsWare ID
  • The ‘ Parent Teacher Meeting Organiser Manual’ (link here Parent User Manual) shows further information on how to register. The portal will open to Parents/Guardians on Wednesday 15th December at 3 pm and close on Wednesday 22nd December @5 pm. This is the only window of opportunity to book a meeting with a teacher so it is imperative that you log on and book early in case you encounter technical difficulties.
  • Check that you are able to log into your child’s MS Teams account. Please see our quick guide on how to do this as well as our guide on how to join meetings. Guide on Logging in to Teams . Guide to Joining a Teams Meeting for Parents
  • If you have any issues logging in please email info@johnthebaptistcs.ie.
  • It is imperative that you read and familiarise yourself with the protocols for Parent Teacher Meetings. See link here Parent Protocols.

On Tuesday 11th January

  • Parents/Guardians can log back into the PTM registration portal and print off or take a photo/screenshot of your rota for the meeting. Unfortunately we may not be able to facilitate all subjects for all students, however, if there are any subjects that are not on your rota, that you would like an update on, you can email info@johnthebaptistcs.ie. The year head will contact you at a later stage with a report.
  • Meetings are scheduled to take place on TEAMs between 3.50 and 5.50pm on Tuesday January 11th.
  • Your child will have been added to each PTM Team that are associated with the teachers on their rota. A list of teacher Team names can be accessed below. Teacher Team Names
  • Teachers will only admit you to the meeting at your allocated time. Joining the meeting at an earlier than timetabled slot will bring you to the meeting ‘lobby’ until the teacher admits you.

Useful Resources

Parent Teacher Meeting Registrations User Manual

Parent-Guardian Instructions for Finding VsWare ID

Link to PTMO Organiser: PTMO Parent/Guardian Login (ptmorg.com)

Parent Teacher Meeting Protocols

Guide on Logging in to Teams

Guide to Joining a Teams Meeting for Parents.

Teacher Team Names