Art and Memories

Ms Ryan and her Art students have created a beautiful glass installation. The students had to respond and create a collaborative piece using any media and It could be in any form under the theme of ‘Memory and my local area’ for the competition: Jack B. Yeats: Painting & Memory Schools Competition | National Gallery of Ireland

In the words of one student Isabelle:

After researching memories and culture of our local areas, we decided to base our project around the myths and legends of our areas. In Jack B Yeats’ paintings he represents magical elements through colour and light. We decided to capture the magical essence of the myths through stained glass pieces. When the light shines through the painted perspex memory bubbles, a mesmerising fantasy effect is created.

After considering the legends of areas such as Lough Gur, we picked out key symbols to display on the perspex. Lough Gur is centred around mythological underpinnings of culture and Identity and tales of Geraoid Iarla who rode around the lake in silver boots on his mystical horse. As well as taking inspiration from Yeats’ work, we studied stained glass artists such as Harry Clarke.

Stained glass pieces are suspended in groups to display the many colours and patterns we incorporated. This gives a sense of togetherness to our work, which is also found in many of our communities. We build memories from these communities, which makes representing this an important aspect of the project. While the common size and shape of the pieces adds uniformity to the display, individuality is represented through our own works, showcasing variety. This variety is also an important part of our communities. This project has allowed us to reflect on the many memories associated with our local areas, it has given us a chance to contribute to a display that holds the very essence of these communities. 

This is a wonderful piece that will delight our school community for many years to come. Well done to all.

Students involved:

  • Ruby Byrne
  • Conor Clancy
  • Isabelle Croker Yrure
  • Aaron Hogan
  • Maeve Howard
  • Abi McLaughlin
  • Niamh Mc Nally
  • Aine Mitchell
  • Ava Morris
  • Maggie Murtagh
  • Ella O Brien
  • Walter O Driscoll
  • Mia Sadlier