Batteries for Barretstown

As we take down our Christmas decorations, we would like to remind all our school community of the “Batteries for Barretstwon” campaign. Old, used batteries are being collected and recycled by a group called the European Recycling Platform and by donating used batteries, ERP helps to pay towards the electricity costs of Barretstown, in a “Powering Positivity” initiative.
At Barretstown, they run onsite residential camps and programmes for children and their families affected by serious illnesses like cancer, as well as virtual, school and hospital outreach programmes for all those in need. The families are given a chance to unwind, destress and enjoy quality family-time together in a fun, safe and relaxing environment. Since opening their gates in 1994, they have been there for over 70,000 children and their families.
The aim is that all batteries collected will contribute towards a donation fund that aims to raise €120,000 for Barretstown over the next number of years.
Many thanks to all who have contributed, helping this great cause, raising awareness of recycling and being mindful of our environment. The collection bin is outside the main secretaries’ office, inside the main door. Please note only domestic batteries can be donated, excluding car batteries.
For more information, please see the following link: