Ceiliúradh CEIST

Congratulations to CEIST, which is celebrating fifteen years since its foundation with a special celebration or Ceiliúradh in recognition of its work on February 1st.

The Five Catholic Religious Congregations who have engaged in post primary education for over three and a half centuries – Daughters of Charity, Presentation Sisters, Sisters of the Christian Retreat, Sisters of Mercy, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart – in the spirit of their Founders, together established CEIST (Catholic Education, an Irish Schools Trust) in 2007. This was to provide  a new moral and legal trustee framework enabling their schools to continue to offer post-primary Catholic education into the future as a viable option and as an integral part of the Irish school system.

Acting on behalf of the Presentation Sisters so integral to our school, CEIST works to emphasise the dignity and rights of the human person, empowering the most vulnerable in society and enabling young people to become catalysts for social transformation throughout the world. We wish all those involved a wonderful day and extend our gratitude for all they do.