Digital Citizen Webinar

Limerick Education Centre are hosting a webinar on Digital Citizenship for parents in collaboration with The Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) (formerly LIT) and Science Foundation Ireland.
This webinar will focus on Finding out more about the online world and what to be aware of. Digital Citizenship covers a set of skills that are vital for modern living. It includes Digital Proficiency, which covers the ability to be able to use digital technologies for your personal benefit, Digital Literacy, which covers the ability to be able to find, evaluate and use information & finally it covers respectful behaviour towards yourself & others in the digital space.


TUS, Science Foundation Ireland & Limerick Education Centre invite parents/guardians to a workshop where we will explore Digital Citizenship learning opportunities for parents/guardians, including rights & responsibilities online, digital commerce & internet shopping, copyright & plagiarism and online safety. All we require is that you fill in a questionnaire to find out the attitudes and perceptions you have to various aspects of Digital Citizenship at the start of the workshop & again at the end of the workshop.

This webinar will be held via Zoom on Tuesday 23rd November, Time 7.00pm.

Parents can register by putting their camera phone over the QR code in the attached flyer or Register here

We would like if you would share details of this webinar to all your student parents in your school community.