I.T. Programmes are offered to students across a number of years.  Students in Second year take part in an I.T. based research module which is designed to develop I.T. skills while also introducing students to the skills associated with research.  This includes appropriate information sources, referencing and presentation skills. Transition Year students explore the use of Microsoft Office, specifically, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel.  The program is designed to develop the skills the students will need at Senior Cycle in both the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied.


JTBCS has two fully equipped Computer rooms. In addition the school has 8 laptop computers which can be used in any room in the school.  In 2016, a significant investment was made in Wireless Broadband throughout the school.  This has meant that mobile devices such as Laptops can be used as teaching and learning aids in any room in the school.