Internet Safety

Staying Safe on the Internet

The Internet provides wonderful opportunities for communication, education and entertainment but unfortunately there are also risks associated with it. The internet and technology is an important pedagogical tool and is used consistently to enhance teaching and learning at John the Baptist Community School.

Many parents find it difficult to discuss Internet usage with their children because they don’t understand the “jargon”. We have tried to gather together some advice that can be easily understood by anybody – even if they don’t know their ‘bits’ from their ‘bytes’.

Parents and guardians may find the following glossary helpful to explain some of the terminology associated with I.T. and Internet usage:
Link: Some key IT terms – insert link

There is a lot of good advice available to parents & students about staying safe online:
Link: Irish Hotline A website run by the Internet Service Provider Association of Ireland (ISPAI). It has a lot of useful advice about how to keep both yourself and your family safe while online. They also have a confidential reporting facility which you can use if you or anyone in your family see anything upsetting online.


Office of Internet Safety

I.T. Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Please note that all staff, students and parents/guardians of John the Baptist Community School must read in full and agree to the school’s I.T. Internet Acceptable Use Policy before use of any school hardware, software or I.T. systems.

Students will be prompted to read and accept the policy when entering school systems. Students are required to make their parents/guardians aware of the policy and its terms before beginning usage of the facilities.

Please see below for an online link to the policy. Hard copies can also available at the school.
IT Internet Acceptable Use Policy of John the Baptist C.S.