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ICT embedded in the curriculum can serve to engage and motivate children in the learning process. It has proven to increase students’ self-esteem and creates a more positive disposition towards learning as well as providing teachers with more up to date, exciting and relevant ways of presenting and engaging with the curriculum. ICT can act as a catalyst for peer teaching and learning and is hugely powerful in the development of team-work, higher order thinking skills and a collaborative learning and teaching environment. The use of new technologies can have a positive impact on teaching and learning. ICT is currently used as a resource which aims to support learning and teaching across every area of the curriculum. Digital literacy skills are acquired and developed as part of this process. Strategies for sourcing and selection of content are essential for students in making informed choices and decisions as they creatively engage with digital media.

The school has two fully fitted dedicated computer labs, two interactive whiteboards, a data projector and desktop in every classroom, a number ebeams and visualisers and suites of portable tablets/netbooks.

2017/2018, saw the establishment of a digital literacy team in the school to trail, spearhead and investigate the development of e-learning in the school. With this group, a brave group of TYs, with Mr. Stack and Ms. Kinehan, started the process of creating digital map of the school. This can be found at: http://johnthebaptistcs.ie/information/general-information/interactive-map-of-jtbcs/.

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