The Library

Welcome to the home page of the library of John the Baptist Community School, Hospital.

This page will chart any of the library’s activities throughout the year and efforts to promote a love of reading across the school.

Reading is a core skill and is central to teaching and learning at John the Baptist C.S. The school has a fully stocked, consistently updated library that hopes to engage and develop students’ true love of reading.

Here are some online links to help with book choice in school and at home:


Excellent online website to find books of interest, featuring easy to use sliders to define your interests

Guardian (Newspaper) Books

The Guardian Newspaper’s online resource on books. Caters for all ages and has a huge amount of competitions, reviews and other online materials. Great for new releases and varied interests.

Book Spot

Online blog/network with a wide range of books and genres explored.

Online information on award winning books and book prizes. Great to help readers look for original, exceptional pieces.

Up to date reviews and author profiles.