Most students are afraid of exams but exams are an important and necessary part of the learning process. Exams will often make you learn also, as a pending exam can be a great motivator to gain more knowledge and so can help you to look at the world in
new way. Assessments can allow us to test our understanding of a topic and so can help to guide our future learning. It is an important way that teachers can see the progress of students and their learning. Exams can also help students to figure out
their learning styles and where their strengths lie; this can help you to figure out what you may like to do when you leave school.


Tests/Assessments 2016/2017
Tests: formal examinations in official centres, Assessments:  completed in class Results entered by:
AUTUMN Assessment
In class assessment for First Years,  Second Years,  Fifth Years & TYs, 9th – 13th    October 2017 Nov 10th
Mid Term Test – Third Years and Sixth Years, commencing week 13th November 2017  (Project work will be assessed as part of these assessments) Dec 8th
XMAS Tests:
Christmas Test for Second Years and Fifth Years, 13th – 15th December 2017. Jan 12th
Christmas Test for First Years, TY Reflective Diary, Subjects & Portfolio Assessment, 19th – 22nd December 2017. Jan 19th
SPRING Tests: Pre Junior and Leaving Certificate, ending 9th February 2018 Mar 23rd
March Assessment for Second Years & Fifth Years, 14th – 16th March 2018 Apr 2oth
First Year  tests, week commencing  30th April 2017 May 18th
TY Subjects, Reflective Diary & Portfolio Assessment, 8th – 10th May 2018 June 1st
Summer Tests for Second Yr and Fifth Year, ending Friday 1st June 2018 June 6th
Leaving and Junior Certificate Exams 2017 beginning June 6th 2018

Please find below links to timetables for State Examinations: State Examinations 2017 Junior Certificate 2018 Leaving Certificate/Leaving Certificate Applied 2018

State Examinations 2018
Junior Certificate 2018
Leaving Certificate/Leaving Certificate Applied 2018