JTBCS PE Challenge Week 4

Welcome to this week’s PE kilometre challenge!

Using the Strava app your year group needs you to clock as many KM’s, either walking or running, to help build up an overall total that will be greater than other years in the school! By the start of next week the year group with the most KM’s will be announced as the most active year and we will also announce who won the three individual year battles as we pit 1st years versus 2nd years, 3rd years versus TY’s and 5th years versus 6th years.

Please listen to Mr Deegan’s video for full details on how to be involved.


Here is the recap:

  • Download the Strava app – ensure it is the free version
  • Click on clubs, find your year group – they all start with JTBCS. For example JTBCS 5th year / JTBCS 6th year
  • Click on join club, your teacher will admit you to join
  • When going on a walk or run, ensure to set your activity to RUN, this will ensure that your activity is recorded and goes into your year group club and will add to the overall total distance – setting it to walk or cycle will not record activity for the club.
  • When finished your activity remember to press Finish and this will send the details of your activity to the club.
  • Remember to stay safe when you are out on the road, wear a hi-viz, obey social distancing and stay within your 5Km!