Key Dates for Junior Certificate Students 2020/21

Junior Certificate 2020 – 2021

Key Dates

Please note that in 2020/21 due to ongoing assessment changes and school closures, the below dates may change over the course of the year.

Subject Project / CBA Date
French CBA (No Oral) 2nd Nov- 27th Nov
German CBA (No Oral) 2nd Nov- 27th Nov
Art CBA 23rd Nov
Final Project After Easter
Business Studies CBA 11th Nov – 6th Dec
English CBA 29th Nov
Science CBA 17th Jan
Metalwork Project 5th Apr
Woodwork project 26th Apr
Home Ec. Practical Cookery Exam To be confirmed
Final Sewing Project Before Christmas
Music Practical To be confirmed
Assessment Timetables for Junior Cycle
Second Year 2020/21

Third Year 2020/21

Second Year Assessment Timetable 2020.21

Third Year Assessment Timetable CBA 2020.21