Ongoing:  Projects/Portfolios for LC Engineering, Geography, Agricultural Science, LCVP, Technology, Art, DCG, Home Economics, Construction, etc.  Teachers have given dates to students for completion of stages of their project.  These dates must be met.

September: Start date for LC Design & Communications Graphics Project 2019.

5th October: Completion date for LC Home Economics project.

26th October: Completion date for LC Agricultural Science project.

26th October: Mid-term Break

23rd November: School completion date for LCVP Link Modules Portfolio.

1st December:  School Completion date for LC Geography project.

21st December: Christmas Holidays



7th January: Return to school

7th January: School Completion date LC History essay.

18th January: Completion date for LC Design & Communications Graphics (DGC) Practical Project.

4th February:  Pre-Leaving Certificate begins.

15th February: Mid-term Break

March 8th:  LC completion date for Engineering Project Component.

15th March: Closing date for applications for the use of Bilingual dictionaries.

22nd March: Completion date for LC Technology Practical Coursework.

22nd March: Finish date for LC Art Coursework.

April: LC Oral Examinations & Practical Music Tests

April: LC completion date for Agricultural Science Practical Coursework

April: LC completion date for Music (H) Elective in Composing, Construction Coursework.

12th April:  Easter Holidays

29th April: Return to school

1st May: LCVP written exam

1st, 2nd & 3rd May: LC Engineering Practical exams.

8th, 9th & 10th May: LC Construction Practical exams.

5th – 21st June: LC Written Examinations


Other Key Information:

Pre-Leaving Certificate Examination:

Week beginning Monday, 4th to Friday, 15th February, 2019.

LC Orals: (Provisional dates):

Irish:                                      Week of 1st April, 2019

Modern Languages:            Week of 8th April, 2019

CAO Key Dates:   

5th November, 2018                                           Opening date for HPat registration.

20th January, 2019                                               Closing date for CAO Online Applications, also HEAR & DARE.

1st July, 2019                                                            Closing date for CAO Change of Mind.


Leaving Certificate Examinations:  Payment online in February, 2019:

Online payment required (€116 – 2018). If a Medical Card Holder, the card must be valid up to 30th April, 2019.