Mathematics aims to develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, for life and for work. Mathematics is taught in context using various applications, both physical and and I.T. to forge student links between maths and everyday life.  In line with the Project Maths syllabus, problem solving forms a core element of our approach. Group work and higher order thinking is facilitated to stimulate students critical thinking.

Honours mathematics is widely encouraged in the school. There is a 9% higher proportion of students taking Junior Certificate honours maths than the national statistic.



Skills Developed

  • Problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Instrumental understanding of material (“knowing how”) and necessary psychomotor skills.
  • Relational understanding of topics (“knowing why”).
  • Making connections across various strands of mathematics to solve problems.
  • Analytical and creative prowess in mathematics.
  • Literacy; processing textual information and prioritising information.
  • Numeric competence.
  • Working productively as part of a team.


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