Murder Mystery Week 2013

John the Baptist Community School rang in Halloween in interesting style this year, with an exciting school wide murder mystery. As part of the school's Literacy and Numeracy plan, all subjects and teachers contributed to this excellent event that ran the last week to half term. On Monday, the shocking announcement was made over the intercom that Mrs. Jones, the Deputy Principal had been found "dead" in suspicious circumstances in the library. Students could inspect the crime scene after the Forensic Technicians and pathology team investigated over lunch time.

Students were encouraged to be Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery to find the killer. Profiles and mug shots of all the prime suspects, mostly staff, were posted outside the library. Each day a new section of the story was read over the intercom and students used all of their sleuthing skills to indentify the prime suspect. Students voted daily on who they felt was the culprit and the odds were posted by the final bell. Hundreds voted each day, with huge excitement building as the week continued. For the last day, students donated ten cent per guess while teachers too gave generously to see if they could outsmart the killer! Over €200 was raised for Milford Hospice, a wonderful charity offering palliative care for the terminally ill.