Open Night 2019

Many thanks to all the students, parents and guardians who attended this year’s open night. It was a wonderful event, with subjects engaging students in a wide range of learning activities, while parents/guardians enjoyed a cup of tea organised by our Parents Council and SNAs. The evening began with an excellent performance of our Trad group, together with Ms. N. O’Sullivan, who wowed the arriving masses with an array of tunes.

The evening continued with honest and heartfelt talks from two existing First Years, Ella Fallon and Alan Kinkead, as they told the assembled audience about their experiences in the first eight weeks. This was followed by a wonderful input by Liam Kelly on the healthy eating initiatives and the extracurricular activities in the school such as the sports teams, the Trad and and the orchestra. Ruth Maher and Michael Gammell, both TY Links students, who charted their role helping the new First Years adjust to life in the school and the myriad of activities organised the first week and throughout the year to help such students feel part of our school community such as the lunch club, tournaments, drama, dance and quizzes, to name just a few.

Ms. Browne, Deputy Principal, spoke about the core values and ethos at the heart of John the Baptist C.S. and the care, compassion and interest that is shown to all students, especially First Year students on a day to day basis. She also highlighted the role of such a dedicated and enthusiastic staff that makes school such a vibrant, active and dominant force for learning and learning. Mr. Ivor McCaffrey, First Year Head in 2020/2021, was also present, to lend his support. Riah Hogan, Chairperson of the Parents Association talked of the partnership and collaborative role that parents/guardians play in all aspects of the school, from events to the formulation of policy. Principal Mrs. Noreen Rafferty finished the evening, outlining the vital and important role of parents/guardians and the need to discuss the Code of Behaviour with students at home.

Two members of the Parents Association, John Merrick and Arlene Gleeson, maned a desk to inform all about the application for bus places. Two 5th Year students, Caillum Hedderman and Sarah Louise Buckley, were on hand to discuss the many learning strategies in use in the school and to illustrate that learning is at the core of all we do.

Many thanks to our whole staff who organised such an impressive and worthwhile event. We look forward to welcoming all new students in September 2020.

Registration forms are available from the school and must be returned by November the 15th.