This special room, at the heart of the school complex, provides a peaceful ambiance and exquisite setting for prayer, adoration, meditation and worship. The message of St. John the Baptist was to call on all people to ‘prepare a way for the Lord’. This venerable and holy sanctuary offers staff, students and visitors both a conducive atmosphere and idyllic environment to prepare within our own hearts, souls and minds a place for God. This oratory is rich in symbolism and, although new, is steeped in historical connotations. To paraphrase the project Isaiah, ‘ it is a sacred and holy place, a gateway to heaven, it is the house of God’.

The circular altar at the centre of the room reminds us that at the table of God, all people are equal. Upon this sacred altar, Mass is celebrated. The bread and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ; it is the divine food that promises to all God’s family a place in the kingdom of heaven – ‘whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood shall live forever.’ The altar, like much of the furniture in this chapel, is crafted from Irish Ash and Bog Oak (an ancient wood once buried and lost in the bogs of Ireland – dates, one may state with certainty, to the time of Christ himself). The spiral motif on top serves to remind us of our spiritually deep Celtic past; it is a haunting heirloom of our mystic ancestors. Each carved piece is centred by three strands – a shadowed reminder of the Trinity, the three persons of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Oratory through the Year

The Oratory is the focus for many different ceremonies and displays over the course of the year, beautifully presented by Sr. Brenda in a series of very special and thought provoking services.


A new beginning.


Autumn and change comes to us all.



A time to remember and reflect.



A time to prepare.