Parent Survey

Surveys have been sent to all parents. The Parents’ Association would like to add the following in relation to the survey. The John the Baptist Community School Parent Association discussed the recent initiative by the Minister of Education in relation to strengthening the role of parents in the decisions relating to school uniforms. We would like to encourage all parents to complete the survey and return it by the agreed date. The information provided will help the school put in place any agreed changes for 2014/2015 school year. The Parents Association are of the view that the school uniform continues to be a positive development for the school. It has taken the competition out of dress and maintained the focus of school on academic performance and personal achievement. It has also been helpful in maintaining a leveling effect in our school where there is economic diversity. The school is currently actively involved in agreeing with another commercial provider in the limerick City area to stock the school uniform this will assist maintain competitive pricing for 2014/2015.