School Closure

As directed by the Department of Education and Skills, John the Baptist Community School will close from March 12th at 6:00pm until the 29th of March.

Advice for students during closure
We are aware of the anxiety the school closure may have on your son/daughter and we are taking steps to alleviate any stress and provide educational support during the closure.
Students have been advised to bring home all the books and materials they will need during the closure.
All students have been set up with Microsoft Office accounts this academic year and we have ensured today that each student is able to access their account.
Teachers have set up online platforms (Edmodo/Microsoft Teams etc.) for their classes and students are encouraged to interact with these platforms on a daily basis.
Teachers have advised students of particular areas of study to concentrate on during the closure.

We have advised students to follow their school timetable as a way of organising their study during the closure. We recommend that they study each subject for the time allocated on the timetable. When non-academic subjects appear on the timetable the students may choose a weaker subject to study or perhaps use this time to prepare for orals or practicals etc.

If students have any issue logging into their school, please see the Digital School Bag for students on the school website or at

Students can also contact Ms. Hayes (, Mr. Stack ( or Mr. O’Connor ( by email.

Please be vigilant around handwashing.

We hope that all students, staff, parents/guardians and all members of the community remain safe and healthy in the coming days.