February 2013 saw the highly anticipated staging of the Transition Year musical "Poptastic!" at John the Baptist C.S. The school was thrilled to be staging the premiere performance of the show in Ireland, as it had never been staged by any group in the country before this. The show followed Charlie Fosdyke (Sarah Kennedy), a young girl who dreamed of making it as a big popstar. However, when she missed out on performing for the BBC talent show "Starmaker", she thought her one chance of fame and fortune are lost forever. Yet, what she didn't know was that help was around the corner, from the most unlikely of sources: the figure of Pop (Michael Hickey), musical inspiration and talent personified. 

The production was an energetic, fun-filled affair, which played to packed out audiences on the 22nd and 23rd of February. Well done to all the sixty-six talented Transition Years who lit up the stage with their talent and the shows three producers: Ms. G. McNulty, Ms. R. Hurley and Ms. R. Hayes. A big thank you also to everyone who helped out in anyway, from set building to costumes to selling tickets and programmes. It was a whole school effort!