Sixth Years & LCA2s – Advice and Checklist for first day

Welcome back to our wonderful 6th Years and LCA 2s, we are looking forward to seeing you!

Please see below for some information about your return on the 9th of September.


Checklist for Sixth Year and LCA 2 Students Returning to School on Tuesday 1st September 2020

• Start Date Sixth Year: Tuesday 1st September 2020 (Full Day 8.50a.m. – 3.40p.m.)

• Sixth Years / LCA 2 will remain in school in the coming days, except on the 3rd and 10th September, when they will engage in blended learning online.

• WATCH VIDEO and  LISTEN TO AUDIO on School Website

  1. Full Uniform
  2. No Runners – Leather type shoes only
  3. Personal Hand Sanitiser
  4. Mask – (Zip Lock Bag for Mask)
  5. Whiteboard A4 + Marker
  6. Pencil Case / Copies / Folders
  7. Lunch (No Canteen)
  8. Enter Sixth Year Pod as per Video
  9. All Rubbish to be taken home
  10. SMILE / Stand Back 2 Metres