Student Exam Portal – 6th Years

The Calculated Grade Student Portal will open tomorrow, Tuesday 26th May at 10:00am. This will close on Thursday 28th of May at 10pm. This is for all 6th Year and LCA students to register and for 6th Year students to indicate levels. Students will have the opportunity later to opt to receive calculated grades.

Consideration will be given to students who may not have online access. Please let the school know if you have any problems.

Please see below for a detailed guide:

Please see the following letter: Letter to Students re Calculated Grades Student Portal (1)

If you don’t find the answers you need after reading this guide you can contact the helpdesk at 1800-111135 or 1800-111136. Please note that due to COVID19 restrictions the helpdesk phonelines will ONLY be available between 9.00 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day. Outside of these hours you can email

Please note that the above guide has also been shared on the 6th Year Student Hub Team on MS Teams.