Staying Safe at Christmas Time

Many thanks to Ms. Lernihan and the TY Coding class for all their work on this page.

Staying Safe at Christmas Time

Safe Christmas checklist

Celebrate safely this festive season – stay safe and protect each other:

    1. Minimise your personal contacts,
    1. Wear a mask and wash your hands regularly,
    1. Avoid crowds inside and outside,
    1. If you feel sick, don’t risk it – stay home and contact your doctor,
    1. Keep fresh air circulating in your home

Safe Shopping

    1. Try to shop online if you can,
    1. If you do go out shopping, wrap up warm in case you have to queue,
    1. Try to shop at off-peak times and keep a 2 metre distance from other people,
    1. Wear your mask,
    1. Try to keep your shopping time to a minimum and remember to use hand sanitiser coming in and going out of the shop,

Safe Visiting

    1. Try to stay outside as much as you can,
    1. Wear a mask when mixing with vulnerable people,
    1. If your inside, make sure where possible that the room is well ventilated,
    1. Limit the amount of time you spend together,
    1. Make sure these people are okay with you visiting before you visit them,