Third Year Report – Other Areas of Learning and Wellbeing

As part of their Junior Cycle programme, students are asked to report on Other Areas of Learning (OALs) and Wellbeing for their Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA). OALs records student achievement, involvement and participation across a broad range of areas of learning through in-school activities in Junior Cycle, the activities undertaken while wearing the

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, the JCPA will not be issued this year and will be replaced by a School Report and a State Certificate of Completion (please see for more details). Under the new revised arrangements, the school will issue each student a School Report in Summer 2021. The report will contain the following;

  • List of subjects with the grades achieved
  • CBA results where applicable
  • OALs (Other area of learning. e.g. sports, activities etc.)
  • Wellbeing learning

We at John the Baptist C.S. want to give every student the opportunity to celebrate all the types of learning that students undertook during their Junior Cycle. We are asking all students to report on their learning through an online form. On the form, students are asked to chose three statements that best suit them under Other Areas of Learning, and three statements under Wellbeing that they would like to be included in their school report. These statements were collected from previous Third Year students, our Student Council, staff and current student suggestions and are in line with JCPA standards, the Statements of Learning and Key skills that underpin the Junior Cycle.

Students are asked to read all the statements carefully and select those that best suit them. The form can only be submitted once and students will need to log in using their school email address details. It is preferable that students pick from different areas for each of their statements, so they can fully show the breadth of their learning.
Each student must submit this form by Tuesday 18th of May at 3:00pm. It is the student’s own responsibility to complete and submit the form, in full and on time. If the form is not submitted, the OAL and Wellbeing section of their school report will not be populated.
Please contact or with any queries.