Business Studies

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Overview of subjects’ area:

Business Studies is an optional subject that students can choose to study for the Junior Cycle. Business Studies equips students with the skills and understanding to participate in the working world by helping them to make informed decisions and teaching them how to manage their personal finances.

Business Studies for the Junior Cycle is divided into three core areas:

Personal Finance                                              Enterprise                                           Economy


Business Studies provides an awareness, insight and positive attitude to entrepreneurship, demonstrating how it can improve our goods, services and institutions.

Business Studies explores the interdependence of economic prosperity, societal well-being and the environment and encourages students to think and act as responsible and ethical citizens. They will be provided with a set of foundational skills, understandings and personal attributes, which will help them to engage with the dynamic business environment and fulfil their potential in their personal and professional lives, now and into the future.


Leaving Certificate          –           Accounting



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Skills Developed:

  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Skills
  • Numeracy
  • Digital Technology Skills
  • Literacy
  • Presentation
  • Organisation
  • Creativity
  • Working with others



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