Subject Awards

Positive reinforcement is a large part of school life in John the Baptist C.S. To this end, a number of awards are given each year in a ceremony in June. These include:

  • Community School Award:A student will receive this award for the work he/she has done on behalf of the students of the school. This student is selected by the student body. This is a Genesis piece of Cú Chulainn.
  • Sr. Claude Perpetual Award:
    This award is given to a student who has shown great courage during his/her time in the school. This beautiful piece was chosen to honour Sr. Claude for the contribution she has made and continues to make to Education, particularly in the Hospital area.
  • Student of the Year (Girl) – Mr. Gerry Morrissey Award:
    This is presented to a Sixth Year girl who has achieved a high academic standard, excellent and extra-curricular achievements. This is a Genesis piece, introduced in memory of Mr. Morrissey, who died while a teaching member of staff.
  • Student of the Year (Boy) – De La Salle Brothers Award:
    This cup is presented to a Sixth Year Boy who has achieved high academic results, shows excellent behaviour and has extra-curricular achievements. The cup was presented by the staff on the occasion of the departure of the De La Salle Brothers from Hospital
    in 1996, as a tribute to their work in Education and the Community for over a century.
  • Creative Excellence Award:
    This award is presented to the student has excelled in the Arts. This award is sponsored by the Parents Association.
  • Ann Kelly Award – This award recognises a Transition Year student who was a shining example during their involvement in the Links Programme. In the Links Programme, T.Y. students offer mentorship, support and guidance to First Year
    students as they make the sometimes difficult transition from Primary to Second Level. This award is voted for by students within the programme. It remembers Anne Kelly, a vibrant, caring, practical and valued staff member, who served as First Year
    Head and Home School Liaison Officer for many years.
  • L.C.A. Student of the Year:
    The recipient of this award will receive a cup. The student is selected by class tutors, tutors and year head. Nominations will also come from students.

Awards from First Year to Fifth Year

  • Subject Awards:
    A student will be nominated by a teacher to be eligible for an award. These nominations will go before Year Heads and Class Tutors.
  • Student of the Year (Gradam Awards):
    The student of the year for Junior Cycle class will be decided by Class Tutors and Year heads, in consultation with class teachers. Students will receive a perpetual shield. One male and one female student are also recognised with a Gradam Award in Fifth
  • Exemplary Merit Awards:
    Students who have achieved a high academic standard, exemplary behaviour and who are a pleasure to teach receive this award.
  • Sports Awards:
    Excellence in different areas of sport is recognised in presentations to those involved in each year. A Sports Person of the Year Award (both male and female) goes to a final year student in acknowledgement of their contribution made to the sporting life
    of the school throughout his/her school days.
  • Leadership Awards:
    All students who have served their fellow students through their membership of the Student Council receive a Leadership Award.

Some of the 2016 Award Winners