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This is a one-year programme taken between Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate. It involves studying a wide range of academic subjects and the pursuit of extra-curricular activities. In our school, it also includes the production of a musical, running a business, foreign trips and Gaisce Awards.

This year helps to develop the skills that students require for the vocational and practical demands of life and is possibly their first real experience of the wider world. Students grow and mature in outlook and behaviour in this year. The Transition Year Programme is conducted according to the Department of Education’s 1993 Guidelines. It is designed to cater for the students’ personal and social development with particular emphasis on increasing maturity and self-confidence. It offers an opportunity, between Junior and Senior Cycle studies, to develop a more self-directed approach to work and study; some orientation towards the world of work; and experience of personal commitment to those considered more vulnerable in society; and to help students take responsibility for their own learning and decision-making. Our desire is that students at the end of Transition Year would have grown in greater maturity and confidence, as well as a greater appreciation of themselves, others and the world in which they live.

Some Transition year projects:

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Transition Year Safeguarding FAI Course

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