Keeping Well through Covid

Covid 19 or Coronavirus has had a huge impact on our everyday lives, experiences and expectations. From the 13th of March, Education, like all other aspects of society, has changed dramatically to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all.

Information to keep well – Covid 19

School Procedures
  • Our Covid Response Plan 

All members of our school community are asked to become familiar with the school’s Covid Response Plan:

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Please note: as Covid 19 is an every evolving and dynamic situation, our covid response plan will continue to evolve in the light of school experiences and our reflection on those experiences. This plan will be reviewed by the Board of Management regularly throughout the year.

Please note: Addendum to Code of Behaviour Policy During Covid 9

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  • Student Presentation
The following PowerPoint was shown and discussed with all students on their return to school:
Return to school presentation pdf
Return to school presentation
The following videos from the presentation provide very useful information:
Regular reminders are given to classes about the procedures over the intercom and by teachers, tutors and Year heads.
Access to the School

At present, we ask that all parents and guardians do not come to the school. This is to ensure the safety of our school community and limit exposure. Parents, guardians and students are asked also to not email teachers directly. Parents/guardians are welcome to ring the school at (061) 383283 or email

Entry Points to the School

Please watch the video below and see the map to guide you to your correct entry point:
  • First Years – enter through laneway to Junior campus
  • Second Years – enter using the ramp, and double doors on the right at the bottom of the school
  • Third Years – enter through back double doors under the stairs
  • Transition Years – enter using ramp, and door near gym on the left at the bottom of the school
  • Fifth Years – enter through back door of Nano Nagle hall (past yellow wall)
  • LCA1 & LCA2 – enter though front doors
  • Sixth Years – bottom door of new building, passing the practical subject block to enter
  • Shared Area students – enter through ups
  • Staff – enter through front doors, take temperature and proceed to class
All students are asked to go straight to their classroom of their first class on arrival in the school. Students must only enter and leave through the doors in their pods. Students can only use the bathrooms in their pods.
Isolation rooms
For those feeling unwell, isolation rooms are available, three spread across the campus. If you feel unwell, follow the following procedure and proceed to the nearest isolation room with a member of the Covid Team.
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Breaktime & Lunchtime
Designated Areas
First Years use the basketball courts in the Junior Campus for lunch, using the tape to help remind all of social distancing.
Designated areas to the front of the school, the pitch, have been allotted for:
  • Second Years
  • Third Years
  • Transition Years
  • Fifth Years
These areas are separated by tape to ensure the integrity and safety of each pod. Signage on the grass indicates the direction each year group should go. A staggered re-entrance to ensure social distance takes place at the end of each break.
Sixth Years use the astro turf for their breaks and lunches.
All students are asked to keep 2 metres apart and to put back on their masks after eating/drinking.
During Poor Weather
When the weather does not allow for students to go outside, students are asked to following this routine:
  • Each base classroom has tables with a series of coloured dots. These have been carefully placed to allow students sitting at such tables to be a minimum of 2metres apart from other students, and so can remove their mask and eat safely.
  • All students at a table with a dot remain in place at the start of lunch. It is very important that those at such tables remain in place to allow all to have adequate space.
  • All students sitting at a table without a dot are asked to leave the classroom and go to the corridors/additional rooms in their designated pods as directed. Here they can stand or sit in designated spaces, allowing for safe social distancing. Tape and coloured dots are placed around the corridors to help students remain safe and mindful of social distancing.
  • Those in classrooms and in other locations swap halfway through lunch periods. Groups alternate for break times.

Information for Leaving Certificate/LCA Students 2020

Please click the following link for a dedicated page to help:

Wellbeing – Minding and Managing our Mental Health

The pandemic and the changes to all of our lives continues to be a challenge to mental wellbeing and health. All of our school community are encouraged to proactively examine and address their mental health as they navigate a new normal.

Please see below for a range of supports and helpful materials from a range of respected resources:

Wellbeing Supports from DES

Information and resources from the Department of Education and Skills can be found at this link: click here

Some resources from the DES:

Advice from the HSE:

Advice and guidance: click here

Relaxation techniques: click here

Information sheets from NEPS:

Panic attacks – Info for students: click here

Managing thoughts and feelings – a guide for students: click here

Managing stress and anxiety – a guide for students: click here


Relaxation techniques from NEPS:

Department of Education and Skills · Relaxation Techniques from the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS)
Relaxation techniques: click here new-relaxation-techniques
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For Parents/Guardians:

Being a parent/guardian at this time is a challenge. We hope that all parents and guardians also mind their own wellbeing. The following courses from Jigsaw, may be helpful:

  • Self-care course for parents
    Jigsaw’s self-care course for parents has been taken by parents all over Ireland. This 45 minute course is aimed at parents and guardians of young people. It provides skills to help parents/guardians understand and look after their own wellbeing while acting as that One Good Adult for a young person. Participants will:
      • Have a greater understanding of what self-care is
      • Have a greater understanding of the importance of looking after their own wellbeing in their role as a parent
      • Be more aware of their own self-care needs
      • Be able to develop their own self-care plan.
      • *Please note this course must be taken on a desktop or laptop computer.
      • Please click here for more details:
The following are more links and resources that you may find helpful to help you and your family:

Some more Guides from the DE – please click below

Living with Lockdown

“Lockdown” or a time when mandatory high level restrictions can be particularly challenging.
Please see the following page to provide guidance on routine and the establishment of healthy patterns: click here
Some helpful links/guides:
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