Your Digital Schoolbag

As part of its digital strategy, the school has launched its own learning platform, the John the Baptist Community School Digital Schoolbag. This is a digital hub with links to the many online resources used by staff and students in the school, all in one place.

This closed, specialised website also allows teachers to create courses in their subject areas and upload material to enhance and develop student learning, including handouts, images, clips, links to suitable websites, PowerPoints etc. This is a completely secure system, where each student is issued with their own unique password and username. No one can access the system without such information. Furthermore, each individual course is password protected.

This system uses the world renowned virtual learning environment Moodle as its basis. This open-source online learning portal is used by millions of users in thousands of educational institutions around the world.

Think of this site as a school bag – dig in and find world of learning opportunities at your fingertips!

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