School Uniform

The school uniform is an important part of life at John the Baptist Community School and ensures that everyone is equal. All students are expected to present themselves in full uniform at all times.
The uniform is one of the ways you show respect and care for the school, as well as pride in the crest and the good name of John the Baptist C.S.
Failure to not wear the school uniform correctly will result in sanctions, including detention.

John the Baptist C.S. expects that the uniform be maintained in good condition. If a student requires a replacement to any piece of the uniform during the academic year these maybe purchased at the following locations:

  • Ryan’s of Ballylanders
  • Shaws in the Cresent Shopping Centre, (061) 227 774
  • O’Dea’s, 60/61 Main St, Town Lot, Tipperary, E34 DX21 Phone: (062) 31080
  • Several other outlets in Limerick city.

The full official school uniform of John the Baptist C.S. consists of:


  • Dark Grey Shirt (2)
  • School Tie
  • Mid-Grey Trousers
  • V-Necked Navy Jumper (with crest)
  • White/dark plain socks (2 pairs min)
  • Dark Leather Type Shoes


  • White Blouse (2)
  • School Tie
  • Dark Leather Type Shoes
  • Tartan Skirt
  • V-Necked Navy Jumper (with crest)
  • Navy Knee Socks (2 pairs min)
  • Dark Leather Type Shoes

Runners are not acceptable footwear in class, except during Physical Education classes. Such footwear is not safe to wear within practical classes and has been proven to cause
sweating, foot and knee problems and so has health, safety and hygiene implications.

First, Second, Third and TY students are required to wear the school jacket or a dark coloured jacket, without logos.
Fifth and sixth students may wear their own coat, but it must be dark in colour (navy/black) and without logos.

Hoodies are not allowed to be worn by any student at any time.

All students and parents/guardians are advised to label all items of clothing and property to help with lost materials.

Physical Education Uniform

The P.E. uniform of John the Baptist C.S. consists of for both boys and girls

  • Black T-shirt with red trim or Green T-shirt (with crest)
  • Black tracksuit with red strips or navy tracksuit pants, available from Laochra Sport
  • Black ½ zip with red trim with crest
  • Runners

The P.E. uniform and jacket available from Laochra Sport at

boys-uniform girls-uniform

Make up, fake tan, nail varnish, artificial eyelashes and artificial nails are not part of the uniform and so should not be worn. This is to aid hygiene standards and to ensure equality for all.

All students are expected to be clean shaven for hygiene and health reasons.

Jewellery is unacceptable. Adornments of any type on the face or body like studs, bars or rings are strictly not allowed due to health and safety concerns. Such items can get caught in clothing, equipment etc. causing injury or become infected. Students will be asked to remove these items immediately.

For full information, please see our Code of Behaviour: