Senior Cycle Options

The Next Step for Third Year Students…

There are a lot of options for students to pick as they move into Senior Cycle. This page is part of a wider body of work and initiatives undertaken to help students to pick the option best for them.

Students can choose three paths after Third Year:

Please note students can submit their 2020/2021 senior options using the dedicated MSForm that will be shared through the Third Year and Transition Year Hub in Teams. This can be accessed with the students school email.

Students are asked to consider their possible paths and return their choice on the official form by the given date. If you have any questions or issues, please contact any member of the Career Guidance Department for support and information.

Students can choose to enter an apprenticeship post Junior Cycle also. Please see our Guidance Counsellors if you have any questions in regards to apprenticeships.

Please note a webinar discussing all three options took place on Wednesday 1st of December 2021 at 6:00pm. Please see below for presentation from the night:

Senior Options Night Presentation 2022-2023

Quick Checklist when choosing:

Factors to consider:

  1. Strength of interest in subject at Junior Cert
  2. College Requirements
  3. Course requirements

 To do:

  1. Talk to your parents/guardians
  2. Talk to students in 5th Year/6th Year/Past students
  3. Ask your teacher
  4. Look up website

All paths should be considered. Students are encouraged to talk with their parents/guardians, the Guidance department, their teachers/subject teachers in the school, students currently undertaking paths of study and subjects.


Option Booklet:

Please find below a detailed booklet created by our Guidance Department to help:

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Senior Options Booklet 2022.2023 Updated

More Information on Subject Options

For the traditional Leaving Certificate, students study the following:

  • 3 core subjects – English, Irish, Maths (students must choose a level for each or indicate if they have an exemption for that subject)
  • 4 option subjects from the below list –

Students will be asked to choose their subjects in order of preference, with 1 the subject they most wish to study. Students are asked to choose six subjects in order of preference. In the unlikely event that a student does not receive their first four choices, students should take care with choosing their fifth and sixth choices and be happy to study either option.

Careers Portal Subject index:

More information on Leaving Certificate subjects:

All students are asked to discuss their subject choices with their teachers and with the Career Guidance department. Click on the image or subject title to increase image size/see more information.




Click here for more information on Biology


Click here for more information on Technology


Click here for more information on Physics


Click here for more information on Engineering


Click here for a video on a student experience of Art


Click here for more information on Physics


Click here for more information on Accounting


Click here for more information on Business


Click here for more information on Economics


Click here for more information on LCVP: Why Study LCVP

Design & Communication Graphics

Click here for more information on D.C.G.

Construction Studies

Click here for more information on Construction Studies

Home Economics

Click here for more information on Home Economics


Click here for more information on Music

Presentation on traditional Leaving Certificate from the night:

Helpful Websites

Subject Requirement Search @ College

LC Subject Research

Course Search @ College

Leaving Certificate Applied

LCA is a distinct, self-contained Leaving Certificate programme. It is strongly ‘vocational’ which means that it’s more job and employment focused than the other two programmes.

It is a perfect choice for those whose interests, needs, aspirations and aptitudes are not adequately catered for by the traditional Leaving Certificate programme. The Leaving Certificate Applied is structured around three main elements – Vocational Preparation, Vocational Education and General Education – which are interrelated and interdependent. This programme is characterised by educational experiences of an active, practical and student-centred nature. Students engage in personal educational goals as well as participating in group assignments. The two year programme is broken down into four semesters in which students can work towards credits. The course is based on a foundation of continuous assessment and terminal exams.  Credits are awarded for completion of Key Assignments, tasks and achieving 90% attendance.  Students are also awarded credits for performance in a series of interviews where they are required to talk about and reflect on their learning experiences.  Students are required to complete eight weeks of work experience over the duration of the two year course.

For more information on the Leaving Cert Applied programme click here.

Click here for leaflet: 6. a. LCA Overview leaflet
Click here for leaflet: 6. b. LCA Personal Reflection Task leaflet


Transition Year Programme

Transition Year is a one year school based programme between Junior and Senior Cycle. It is designed to act as a bridge between the two by facilitating the smooth transition from the more dependant learning of the Junior Cycle to the more independent self-directed learning required for the Senior Cycle. It is assessed in a number of ways, including the use of portfolio and reflective diaries.

Students should be aware that entry into Transition Year will involve an interview process.

Please see below for the pdf of last year’s TY Presentation:

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More Useful Websites


Some more information: